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Recent Projects

Planning Smart Communities Using a Digital Twin

Asset Management Plans for Countywide Treatment Facilities, Essex County, NY

Exploring Nature's Remote Wonders Through the Lens of a Digital Twin

Black River Harbor Recreation Area Assessment, Ironwood, MI

Laying the Groundwork for Flood Protection in New York City

Cloudburst Stormwater Initiatives, New York, New York

Around-the-Clock Construction Documentation

Middlebury Bridge & Rail Project

Developing an Accurate Model for Adaptive Reuse

Washington Street School in Newburgh, NY

Campus Mapping through UAV, Mobile LiDAR and Conventional Survey

State University of New York at Oneonta Accessibility Upgrades

Supporting a Large, Geographically Diverse Team in Collaborative Design

NYC Subway: Broadway Junction Station Complex

Creating a Multi-Faceted Digital Twin of an Entire University Campus

State University of New York at New Paltz

Establishing Citywide Inventory Under an Aggressive Timeframe

GIS for City of Albany Parking Authority

Mapping a 445-acre Racing Park in Four Weeks

Digital Twin of Belmont Race Park

Mapping Washington Metro

Creating a Digital Twin of Five WMATA Stations

Modeling Future Infrastructure

Proposed Water Tank Visualization, Town of Halfmoon, NY

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