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Supporting a Large, Geographically Diverse Team in Collaborative Design

NYC Subway: Broadway Junction Station Complex

MJ provided 3D laser scanning services to document the existing conditions of Broadway Junction, a New York City subway station complex located in Brooklyn, New York. More than 100,000 commuters enter the station complex each day, which serves five subway lines and connects to the Long Island Rail Road. As part of the WSP design team, MJ provided information for renovations to the entire complex using our MJ4D software.

MJ employed our MJ4D viewer, containing both LiDAR and photo imagery, to allow the design team to walk through the project areas remotely. This project required a very large design team. Using MJ4D, team members were able to collaborate on the project without physically being on-site and without physically being in the same room as each other.

MJ4D allows Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) personnel a means of viewing its facilities in the station and in the track tunnels in great detail and resolution.

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