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Planning Smart Communities Using a Digital Twin

Asset Management Plans for Countywide Treatment Facilities, Essex County, NY

Essex County received a grant to develop Asset Management Plans (AMPs) for their water and wastewater treatment facilities. The AMPs will guide capital planning and maintenance, essential for complying with strict NYSDOH and NYSDEC regulations. They will also prepare these communities for long-term infrastructure investments.

MJ partnered with the County to create these AMPs, focusing on mapping vertical water/sewer assets, evaluating conditions, strategizing management, and boosting efficiency. To meet the project's stringent deadlines and requirements, MJ utilized advanced technologies to collect 3D LiDAR data and 360-degree panoramic imagery for the County’s 30 treatment facilities, which was then integrated into MJ4D. This technology not only allowed MJ to identify additional mapping features but also enabled the seamless integration of asset records.

MJ4D has proven to be a crucial tool in the development of the AMPs, demonstrating its value beyond planning. It has become an indispensable resource for ongoing maintenance and engineering projects in Essex County communities.

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