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Mapping a 445-acre Racing Park in Four Weeks

Digital Twin of Belmont Race Park

MJ surveyed the entire 445-acre Belmont Park facility under an extremely aggressive four-week schedule. MJ provided topographic survey, utility survey, and electronic base mapping for the entire facility. It was critical that the data collection was completed before Belmont reopened for its fall meet.

MJ utilized four survey crews, three static LiDAR scanners and one mobile LiDAR scanner to complete the services within the required time frame. The facility-wide survey was developed to support a $6.5 million feasibility study to plan for future renovations and upgrades to the park, including improvements to the clubhouse, paddock and racetracks.

The topographic survey included the site's surface and subsurface features, including structures, walkways, landscaping and roadway surface materials. The utility survey located all existing surface and subsurface utilities. The subsurface utility work encompassed areas of potential underground construction for the racetrack, infield, and parking lots.

MJ scanned the interior and exterior of the five-story clubhouse and grandstand complex. Utilizing three scanners, each operated by an independent scan crew, MJ scanned all accessible interior spaces capturing the visible geometry of walls and structural features. MJ post processed the scans, aligned them, and tied them into the survey control network established on the exterior of the structure. MJ supplied the final high-intensity point cloud in an Autodesk Revit compatible file format as well as an MJ4D viewer of the entire facility mapping.

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